Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi announced their split today. Immediately rumors spread like wildfire that Vienna broke her Bachelor Jake’s heart by cheating on him. Or did she? Pictures were released showing her dancing the night away at a charity event with “Greek” star, Gregory Michael. Innocent pictures but did Jake use this as an excuse to break up with her?

According to Vienna Girardi’s stepmom, Jake is a fake and she feels he never really loved her daughter. In fact, she said Jake Pavelka did it for Hollywood fame and fortune. He chose her daughter for the “dramatic effect.” Other sources have confirmed her speculation, stating Jake agreed to star in the Bachelor for money and fame. He really really really wanted to be a Hollywood actor. He could care less about the fairy tale romance. I guess his ex girlfriend was right.

Vienna Girardi on the other hand really fell in love. Some sources say Vienna smothered Jake but did she really? If Vienna really did fall in love with Jake, the last six months was the honeymoon phase. You’re suppose to be crazy in love. Vienna’s stepmom said Jake was only romantic and affectionate when camera’s were around.

Tonight, Vienna our Gemini girl still sad over the break up, tweeted some words of wisdom on her Twitter page. “Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it is better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.” Anonymous. Well said Vienna. I wonder if she had a couple of cocktails before sending it. Also, her mom said Vienna was forced to move out of Jake’s apartment into a hotel. Poor girl!

What does Jake Pavelka have to say about the break up? He told TMZ that it was a “long story” and he was confused by what happened. But no matter what, Vienna and he would still be friends. Sure Jake!

Astrochicks votes for Team Vienna. You go girl!

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Jacy Nova

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