Jake Pavelka and Vienna have broken up. Jake’s publicist made the announcement today. WOW! Just a few days ago, Jake was tweeting how much he missed his baby, how much fun he had shooting “Drop Dead Diva” and Vienna’s tweets weren’t quite so happy. She announced she was looking for a marketing job and was training for a bikini contest. Who broke up with who?

This morning, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi released a statement saying the two have ended their relationship. “Jake and Vienna have split,” the couple’s rep says. “They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time.” No reason was given.

This was the last tweet that Jake posted June 21st, “Today is the hurry up and wait game. Crew has a lot of scenes to shoot today. @camilleguaty and I shoot later in the day.” It doesn’t sound like a guy who has a broken heart. On Saturday, Jake was calling her baby though. Fake it till you make it.

Vienna Girardi posted the following tweet on June 20th, “Last night was so much fun. I’ll be on reality cares talk radio today.. Give you the time and station in a little bit.”

Has Jake been bitten by the Hollywood bug? Or was Jake and Vienna a manufactured relationship by ABC and the couple were required to stay together for a period of six months. They seemed very much in love, Jake Pavelka might have a career in acting after all. The weird part is ABC forgot about Twitter. Real people who are hurt and broken up, normally don’t have meaningless chatter.

The Jake and Vienna break up news comes on the heels of several sources confirming that Bachelorette Ali chose no one in the final rose ceremony. In fact, they said Bachelorette Ali did for the fame and money. At least Jake Pavelka and Vienna tried faking it a bit. It’s Astrochicks guess that Jake broke it off with Vienna. Now that he has all these career opportunities, plus Vienna is a bit young for him, he decided it was better they go their separate ways.

Maybe it’s time for ABC to retire the Bachelor and Bachelorette series or change the ending. Maybe in the end, the final rose goes to someone they want to pursue a relationship with. If not, they have enough former castmates to run Bachelor Pad for awhile.

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Jacy Nova

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