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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK, Why is Kelly Bensimon Obsessed With Bethenny Frankel?

The Bravo premiere of Bethenny Frankel’s new reality show last week, was the highest debuting program in Bravo history. Everything the Scorpio Real Housewife touches seems to turn to gold.  Has Bethenny’s success made Kelly Benismon crazy jealous, to the point of her becoming obsessed?

I’m sure on Kelly’s part, our stubborn Taurus girl thought she was the prettiest and smartest on the show. After all, she’s a former model and posed in Playboy. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I definitely think Bethenny Frankel’s Scorpio humor has given her a leg up on the rest of the girls. What does Bethenny think about her battle with Kelly?

She says, “I really feel badly that she’s trying to claw her way out of it with this ‘bullying’ thing. I honestly don’t think this is the right place for her to be on television. I think she can’t resist being on the show, but it’s really not healthy for her. Frankly, if I’m not on the show again, that will make it better for her because me being on the show again is certainly not good for her health. But I’ve never seen anything like it — and I really did grow up in a crazy town. I mean, it gives her a lot of attention, but I would never want that kind of attention. I don’t think it’s healthy.”

Who will be returning in next seasons “Real Housewives of New York”  is still up in the air. No one has been asked back yet but rumor is Kelly Bensimon is out. Bethenny Frankel is uncertain if she really needs two shows. Plus, she said in a recent interview she will have Ramona and Alex make guest appearances on her new show.  If Bethenny is definitely out, Bravo will need to find another acid tongue housewife to replace her. She’s too funny!

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  1. Love this girl, despite her abrasive personality. I think it’s the first time I’ve grown attached to such a strong sharp personality as hers but I think it’s because she is definitely entertaining and real. Hope all the best for Bethenny and her new show, life, family and business!

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