Bachelorette Ali on her reality quest to find her one true love, can scratch Justin “Rated R” Rego off her list. In case you haven’t read any of the Bachelorette spoilers, Justin Rego has been a very naughty boy. Why? Not only did he have one girlfriend back home in Canada but actually two girls. I guess that’s why he’s “Rated R,” which stands for Romeo.

Although Justin Rego seems to have a sensitive side, raised by a single mom, some insecurity issues around his dad, etc. He’s definitely never had trouble with the ladies. He’s definitely a cute guy.

Back home in Canada,  it looks like he’s moved on from Bachelorette Ali and is doing the Canadian festival circuit. According to a popular Canadian newspaper blog, The Toronto Star, Justin Rego is even better looking in person.

She spotted Justin at the Luminato festival, with a young brunette lady who was introduced as Chantelle. Whether she was a girlfriend, a friend or a fan she couldn’t say. I guess it’s hard for ABC to force Draconian restrictions on our Canadian reality stars.

Fans are evenly divided on whether or not Bachelorette Ali chooses Chris Lambton, Roberto Martinez, or if she decided to go solo. AstroChicks would find it hard to believe that Bachelorette Ali after rejecting Jake, would also reject Chris and Roberto both. I’m sure she probably picks someone.

AstroChicks  at first thought Bachelorette Ali would pick Chris Lambton but after speaking to different sources, she might have picked Roberto after all. It appears ABC is auditioning LOTS of ladies over the age of 30, since Roberto is only 26, that doesn’t seem to be a match. Chris Lambton on the other hand is 33, so maybe ABC will make him the next Bachelor? Just speculating…stay tuned!

UPDATE: AstroChicks received a very long winded NASTY email this morning, compliments of Reality Steve. It appears that Chantelle is not a friend, fan, or girlfriend of Justin Rego’s…it’s her sister. Thanks for updating us RS, I will let the Toronto Star know as well who wrote the original post.

Either RS got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or forgot to take his meds. If AstroChicks is feeling extra bitchy today, I just might post his email so Bachelorette fans can see what he’s really like. Thanks RS, you have a nice day also. Keep spreading that morning cheer!

P.S. We know that your “source” has to be someone in editing. Happy blogging…

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