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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK, Bethenny Frankel Won’t Return if Kelly Bensimon Does?

Bethenny Frankel dished the dirt this week on the “Real Housewives Reunion” show and on “Bethenny Getting Married.” Looking exhausted from all that cat fighting, she seems to be relieved to have her own show and not have to deal with Kelly Bensimon anymore. Will she return to Real Housewives of New York next season? Not if Kelly Bensimon’s on it.

What accomplishment Bethenny is most proud of is her baby girl, Bryn, with her sexy hubby Jason Hoppy. She says, “I couldn’t love anything more! Bryn is a gem, the sweetest baby, and the greatest gift of my life. I love every minute of it — dark circles and all. I bow to all the breast-feeding mothers! I can do a lot of things, but breast-feeding is one of the greatest challenges.”

Bryn, born on May 8th, is a little Taurus girl.  Taurus babies are usually quiet and calm but definitely stubborn. I imagine this little girl will be able to wrap Mommy and Daddy around her little finger. Charming and affectionate,  she will be super creative and Bethenny might have a little actress on her hands.

For the Real Housewives of New York, I will miss Bethenny Frankel’s commentary about the other housewives. If she didn’t have her own reality show, she should do stand up comedy. Bethenny a Scorpio, has quite a few one liners that could stop anyone dead in their tracks.

Wishing Jason, Bryn and her lots of happiness.

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  1. I don’t blame her, and this sounds like the most rational reaction to craziness, make it go away.

  2. I love Bethenny and I am so happy for her and I am so glad that she got what she really wanted, she is so blessed that you can see her see the smile she has, the girl knows that she is blessed and she appreciates the things she has and the life and knows not to take it for granted. To Bethenny her hubby and baby Bryn, much love and happiness to all of you.

    Love & Peace



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