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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah to all of you that hates Bethenny, yeah that’s right she was on the Apprentice and was very good at it, too. But, Bethenny already had her shit together, remember a chef and was trying to start her business, which is hard to do and for a woman not in her 30s at that time is very impressive. One thing for sure you can get the truth from Bethenny, she will definitely give it to you, now all of you might not like how she gives it with her quick wit and those quick sayings, but it will be the truth and will admit when she is wrong, a person like that who has been through a lot when she was young, is down to earth because she know how people can get especially people with money, see how they react to stuff, see what they say how it comes out of their mouths so sarcastic or a put down. Bethenny knows how was it to struggle and if anyone notice she doesn’t take it for granted, she knows what she got and how she got and knows that she is blessed with it, but again never take it for granted, she knows that you can go up and you can come down and maybe hard, so no reason to act as if you are so privilaged that being with others who doesn’t have is beyond you, Bethenny appreciates what she has. She is the most down to earth person, love her quirkyness, her quick sense of humor, quick wit and I can understand why people don’t like her, it’s JEALOUSY.
    For me, I love it when I see a woman take control of her life especially a young woman and so instead of being jealous of her like Omarosa and/or the others, why not just be happy for her, come on we are all women who love to one day own our own business, a husband, and a kid, or it can just be one or the other or all no matter what we as women should be happy because it can show us that we can do it with support and love in our family and friends we can do it and show our daughters as well, but since we live in this world where jealousy takes over us we will still have catty jealous women getting at eachother.

    I love the girl, she is cool. Look I’m 46 with a beautiful 29 years old daughter with 2 beautiful grandsons, and I been struggling when I was young with baby, but made sure I always worked and I might not have a lot or a house or car, but I have a beautiful daugther that learned how to work, respect people whether old and young, be passionate and if you want to do something just go and do it even if you fail pick yourself up and try again. I gotta say I am a proud mom. You see we all struggle, Bethenny struggled in her life adn no matter what she did what she needed to do to accomplish her goal, so what if she was on Apprentice, RHWONYC, or Bethenny getting Married?, she still accomplish her goal and she was still down to earth with everyone she never changed for anyone she was alwayas the same it is just some people get jealous(Omarosa, Jill, Kelly, LuMan), and that is sad, Women should stick together.

    Ok I’m sorry folks I wrote too much, sorry.

    Peace & Love

  2. Like Bethenny said,,,Omerosa is the happiest person in the world now cuz people are talking about that has been..yeah on Celebrity apprentice,,Omarosa pulled the gay card on Piers when he beat her ass….Omerosa is one messed up sister…LOLLLLLLLL laffed my ass off when ol” Omerosa tried to get in to an Obama benifit and was turned away//all about the “O” ther Rosa???? u r a joke,,,Bethenny is building an empire,,,and when Jason said to get a gay assistant,,he was guarding his turf,,,wow,,

  3. Can’t it be he just swings both ways and decided to settle down? He genuinely seems to love Bethenny and she can definitely be hard to handle at times.

  4. Are you serious? Bethenney forgets where she came from? Omarosa lead the wave in reality TV and just as of a year ago Bethenney didn’t have a dime. Now that she’s made a couple of bucks via Reality TV, she’s all of the sudden superior?? Am I the only one that thinks she is offically messed up! I mean really. She is dissing exactly how she got the career she boasts about. It just really bothers me when people forget the viewers put the dollars in their that make them entitle. She should never have singled any other reality tv person as the less than. Bethenney is a looser. And I know for a fact that her husband is gay, gay, gay. I met a guy that not only slept with him but has pictures and is waiting for the right time to sell them. Awful but true.

  5. Um Omarosa is more comparable to Jill Zarin who is headed to the same dried up hasbeen train she’s riding. Meanwhile Bethenny is swinging on a star!

  6. Maybe he swings both ways but met Bethenny and decided to settle down. I thought it was funny in the first episode of her new show, he didn’t want her getting a straight male assistant and insisted on a gay one. LOL!

  7. omarosa gets on my nerves but she maybe telling the truth. i heard a month ago in a blind item that rumors were circulating about jason past. if he is gay we will know soon because the press are vultures, let the digging begin.

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