Voting is still open for MTV Movie Awards category for “Best Movie.”   Twilight versus Hangover, who will win the coveted award? Vampires versus Hungover dudes, now that’s a competition. What about Vampires with hangovers? Could you picture Robert Pattinson as the bachelor to be hanging out with Bradley Cooper? Left on the rooftop of the Bellagio Hotel to fry.

Robert Pattinson is up for quite a few awards on Sunday night. I think he will probably grab the “Best Kiss” award with Kristen Stewart. On the “Best Movie” award, I think Hangover should win. Of course, James Cameron could throw the gauntlet down and finally win an award for Avatar.

The Hangover, directed by Todd Phillips, is about a boys’ bachelor party weekend gone terribly wrong. I think that’s where the phrase ” What’s happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” comes from. Bradley Cooper is hysterically funny and uber sexy as the “Best Man.” Mayhem breaks out after the boys lose the groom in a all night bender that includes stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger.

The Twilight Saga, New Moon, directed by Chris Weitz was tremendously popular but I think not as well made as the first movie Twilight. Still a classic if you’re a hard core Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner fan. I’m sure the Vampire loving crowd will be out in full force in a voting frenzy for their favorite hunks.

Other contenders include Alice in Wonderland, Avatar and Harry Potter the Half Blood Prince.  Pick a favorite and vote at

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Jacy Nova

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