Kristen Stewart is up for “Best Kiss” twice at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. Nominated for her “hot smooch” with her movie soulmate Robert Pattinson, she was also nominated for her “hot kiss” with Dakota Fanning in the The Runaways. Stewart must be a pretty good kisser.

Snooki who will be working the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, decided to weigh in on who fans will choose, Robert Pattinson or Dakota Fanning. Showing she has a wicked sense of humor, “Jersey Shore” starlet Snooki definitely knows a thing or two about making out, but even she was shocked at the amount of action Kristen got onscreen. “And I’m the whore!” she told MTV News when asked which Kristen kiss was hottest.

She even predicted some trouble for the (rumored) “Twilight” couple if the “Runaways” kiss takes home the gold. “If Kristen wins with Dakota, Rob is going to be very jealous,” she said. “But, you know, maybe he’ll be a little excited!”

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