Katy Perry will be appearing on the “MTV Movie Awards” naked tomorrow night with Snoop Dogg. She will premiere her new single, “California Gurls” and hopes fans will love it. Even if they don’t, her hubby to be, Russell Brand sure does.

That’s right, folks: no clothes! She says, “I think that this performance will be really Californian,” she told MTV News about Sunday’s big performance. “I will be naked,” she joked. “There will be tons of naked girls. Listen: You gotta tune in, because yours truly, Katy Perry, will be naked. That’s the only reason to watch.”

MTV says, fans will get a taste of what’s to come from the “California Gurls” video, when an exclusive sneak peek debuts in the pre-show, which will be co-hosted by Jersey Shore cutie, Snooki.

Katy Perry a Scorpio girl, is DEFINITELY not afraid of her sexuality and will strut her stuff tomorrow night on the red carpet. By her side will be her honey Russell Brand, a Gemini, who will definitely get his freak on as well. Pop star and Movie star in love, how sweet!

Don’t miss the live red-carpet coverage, fist pumping action tomorrow night. AstroChicks will be blogging live from red carpet arrivals. The official MTV show will air live from Los Angeles this Sunday, June 6, at 8pm ET/PT. Afterward, you can catch the MTV MOVIE AWARDS at 9pm ET/PT.

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Jacy Nova

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