BRET MICHAELS, Marriage and New Baby Boy With Girlfriend Kristi Gibson?

Bret Michaels, front singer for Poison and star of Rock of Love has definitely led an interesting life. After living the life of probably ten men combined, appears he may be ready to settle down with Kristi Gibson. In a new interview, his recent brush with death, has made Bret Michaels rethink his priorities and realizes he needs to focus on the women he loves the most, Kristi and his two little girls. Is marriage in the cards for Bret and Kristi? Lets hope so.

According to sources, Bret Michaels would love to have another child, hopefully a baby boy, his own little rocker dude! They told National Enquirer, “He realizes now the most important thing is Kristi and his girls — and he wants to add to that family now. He wants a little boy.”

Kristi Gibson, who has been with Bret Michaels on and off since 1993 is definitely a patient woman. She deserves a medal of honor as being a “stand by your man” kinda girl. I guess after being with Bret Michaels, it would be hard for any guy to top that. Plus, she’s a gorgeous lady and has given him two beautiful little girls. Will Bret Michaels finally make it down the aisle and give her the fairy tale wedding she always wanted?

In the sneak peek of his new reality show, fans got to see a behind the scenes look at his life with Kristi. Michaels seems like a really great dad but the passion seemed to be seriously lacking in his relationship with Kristi. After not seeing your woman for months, he seemed a bit distracted and only wanted to sleep on the couch.  Ouch! Kristi on the other hand, definitely wants more with her man and hopefully Bret Michaels is finally going to tie the knot with her.

What’s next on Bret Michaels agenda? He’s back on tour, hopes to become the new American Idol judge, and his new memoir will hit bookshelves this fall. He’s an incredibly busy rockstar for having such a health scare. Hopefully, he will take some time off, take care of his health and his girls, before hitting the road again.

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  1. Bret,

    My husband likes to poke fun at me for being a true 80’s hair band fan. I have loved you and your music for many years. Thank you for keeping it real. I got my boy, I hope you get yours… Marry her already. You only live once… Keep on rocken….You are truely and inspiration to me…. Good luck with the health and look forward to the follow up this fall on VH1… Your biggest fan.. XXXOOO hold that family close to your heart they are great

  2. Bret,
    I’ve never called a man pretty (only handsome), but God has truely smiled on you. You’re a BEAUTIFUL man and I thank God for you. I love that you’re sincere, beautiful and caring.
    Hugs and lots of love,
    Laurie #1 fan!!!

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