Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky may be happy for Jake Pavelka now that he’s found true love but will she find Prince Charming as well?  Although some fans have found her boring as the new Bachelorette, at least there are several guys on the show this season to keep the drama going. Thank you Justin “Rated R” Rego the wannabe wrestler and new villain this season.

Mike Fleiss must be concerned that popular fan blogs have already released this seasons spoilers. They predict that Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez will be the final two guys standing. One is a landscaper and the other is an insurance agent. Wow, that sounds like two regular guys to me that Ali could meet  at a gym, bar, or via a friend any day of the week. Not that exciting! Although, Chris Lambton a former teacher has a tear jerker of a back story that may endear him to Ali. Or better yet, it will set him up to become the next Bachelor just like Jason Mesnick.

Bachelorette Ali says she’s ready to get married and start having babies. Is she serious? Or will she be bitten by the fame bug and pursue a career in Hollywood? Trista, Melissa, DeAnna, Jesse, Jillian,  and Jake have been able to successfully extend their reality star career. I’m not so sure that Ali Fedotowsky will have that kind of staying power. Part of the problem is that female fans don’t really connect with her. Guys think she’s smoking hot but with women she can be mean and nasty.

Sources say that ABC has tried to coach Bachelorette Ali on how to act with the media.  They are trying to revamp her personality so she’s seen in a more positive light. Not so sure if that’s working. It definitely didn’t work for DeAnna Pappas.

Well, Bachelorette Ali does have one guy in her corner and that’s Chris Harrison. He says,  “I get it. Look, in the heat of the moment, on the show, you say some things, you regret some things, there are some things you look back and might not do and that was one of them. Ali apologized as much for that.” Either way,  Bachelorette Ali was paid big bucks to appear on the show. I’m sure she’s already laughing all the way to the bank. This beats working for Facebook anyday.

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Jacy Nova

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