BACHELORETTE Spoilers, Ali Fedotowsky’s Nasty Meltdown Over Justin “Rated R” Rego’s Two Girlfriends!

Ali Fedotowsky’s, Bachelorette giggle fest premiered last night to a bored fan base. On the Bachelorette message boards, there was a huge amount of fan backlash wishing ABC would have picked Tenley or Gia instead. Fortunately for Ali, a few bad boys were cast for the new season and one of them is Justin “Rated R” Rego the entertainment wrestler from Canada.

Although Justin “Rated R” Rego claims to be on Bachelorette Ali’s season for all the right reasons, according to his girlfriend, he went on the Bachelorette show for a little face time and publicity for his wrestling career. Is he hoping to be discovered by WWE? Did you know that Gia use to be a wrestler on WWE? Are these contestants all just actors and actresses anyway? Did ABC just happen to pick a VERY crappy actress when they picked Ali Fedotowsky. No Emmy for that girl!

According to a new interview, greedy little Justin Rego not only had one girlfriend, he had two girlfriends waiting back home for him in Canada. Kimberly Kerekes, is one of the two girlfriends and has told Radar Online that she and Justin dated for about three months earlier this year, and that she knew he was going to be on the show but supported his decision to be on the dating show to advance his career. “I agreed to keep dating him because he told me it was to launch his career and it had nothing to do with actually falling in love,” Kimberly said.

Rated R, happens to make it to the final seven and is sent home in Turkey, after Justin’s OTHER girlfriend Jessica outs him to Ali. Gee, how did his girlfriend Jessica track him down in Turkey? Sounds a bit scripted. I wonder how Ali Fedotowsky pulls that off? Or is that Justin Rego is super hot and she wanted some of that wrestling love.

Sadly, this season seems very boring and fake.  Will Ali be able to redeem herself? Or will she go down in Bachelorette history as the least favorite? Even Justin Rego said after the show she wasn’t his type and that she was actually rude on the show. I guess Ali Fedotowsky really is a b**tch! She’s got my vote as “least favorite.” Bring Jake back, much more fun.

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  1. Justin is walking pretty good on his leg walking. Justin could care less about Ali and she did the show only for the money. So she’s met her match. Justin you’re going to regret this…I seriously doubt it. I agree snooze fest.

  2. I agree that Ali seems so fake and the show is way too scripted.
    After she left Jake for her job and then acted like he should take her back because she now decided the job was no longer important, made her look like an opportunists begging to be the next bachelorette.
    Unfortunately, ABC fell for her BS.

    Justin was the only good entertainment on this very boring season, now that he’s gone it’s a snooze fest.

    He was hot, funny and the center of attention. Now, who do we have to watch? Roberto is cute but seems way too normal for the fame seeker Ali.

    Ali couldn’t even show some emotion with the big phone call, she said she was mad but even that seemed so fake. The way she attacked Justin in front of the other guys just looked like a really bad acting scene.

    Justin clearly wasn’t interested in Ali, he’s the lucky one to get away from her and I guess Frank woke up and fled too!

  3. You’re crazy. I love Ali, she is so fun to watch. I agree the producers have set some of this stuff up, and some does seem fake, but that’s in every one of these shows. Ali makes everything fun and interesting to watch!

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