Simon Monjack dead at the age of 39. What a sad and shocking tale of two people in love, Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack, who others thought were a mismatch. Both who lived life in the fast lane and suffered premature deaths within six months of each other. Some friends believe that the writer, heartbroken over his wife Brittany Murphy’s tragic death, no longer had the will to live.

Friends say, “Brittany and Simon were different and didn’t fit into Hollywood standards, but they took care of each other. When she died, he was terribly sad and broken without her. He relied on her for a lot emotionally, and it shook him to lose her so quickly and unexpectedly.”

The source said Monjack “never got over losing [Brittany]. It was on his mind all day. He cared about her immensely, and people were worried about how he would move on without her. Their relationship was very co-dependent, so Simon struggled with his memories after she passed away.”

With Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack now deceased, the media has focused on her mother, Sharon Murphy. How will she pick up the pieces by losing both family members within the same year?

Funeral arrangements are expected to be made by Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack’s family. Her plans are to bury Simon next to his wife Brittany, so they may rest in peace together. Thoughts and prayers go out to their family. Very sad ending for both of them.

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Jacy Nova

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