Lindsay Lohan, what a mess she’s made out of your life but the Beverly Hills judge may have just saved it. In court today, the judge ordered Lohan to wear a alcohol monitoring device and also to submit to weekly random drug testing. If Lindsay doesn’t comply, she could face serious jail time. The parties over sister.

Of course, Lindsay Lohan was ten minutes late to court and according to onlookers looked scared out of her mind. Do you think Lindsay finally realizes that she’s pushed her luck and karma is about to kick her in the butt?

A teary eyed Lindsay Lohan, pleaded with the court not to make her wear a SCRAM device. According to her lawyer, she had several photo shoots scheduled and a movie coming up in Texas. The judge told Lindsay no AND she wasn’t allowed to leave the state of California either. Ooops!

I guess our stubborn Taurus girl likes to learn things the hard way. Lohan is free on $100,000 bail pending a July 6 probation-violation hearing—if she’s found in violation, Lohan could face jail time. On a side note, Tila Tequila has invited her to join Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab with her. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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