Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack has been found dead at the home he once shared Brittany and her mother. The Los Angeles Police Department said that Simon Monjack died of natural causes late Sunday night after suffering a heart attack.

A 911 call was placed late last night to Simon Monjack’s residence in Hollywood Hills. The EMT’s tried to resuscitate Simon Monjack but failed and tragically he passed away at the age of 39. Only six months after the death of his sweetheart Brittany Murphy. How Sad!

Late wife, actress Brittany Murphy died on December 20, 2009 from pneumonia, with other conditions contributing but not directly related including anemia and multiple prescription drugs.

It was reported that Simon Monjack was heartbroken over the loss of his wife. After her death, he continued to share their home with Brittany’s mother Sharon Murphy. It’s reported that Sharon Murphy is devastated over the loss of both Brittany and Simon. Thoughts and prayers go out to her.

For Brittany and Simon, now the couple can finally be together on the other side. May they rest in peace.

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