If you haven’t watched “Pretty Wild” yet, you may want to skip it. I’m still trying to figure out how celebrity burglar Alexis Neiers and her two sisters got their own E! reality show? Was it because she robbed Orlando Bloom’s, Paris Hilton’s and several other celebrities homes? If so, E! needs to hire a new Head of Development.

Pretty Wild gives television viewers an “unfiltered look” at Hollywood and what it’s like to be three hot sisters who have no self control. The only normal one in the bunch is Gabrielle Neiers, who at 15 seems to have maintained some innocence by working at a pet store.

Tess Taylor, the oldest sister and Playboy cybergirl is suppose to be the star of the show. Instead, she comes across as insecure and whiny girl who chases wannabe rockers around town.  In a recent interview, Tess revealed she’s secretly in love with Brandon Boyd of Incubus. Also, that she thinks boys are fun, sexy, and drama bringers. Hmmm, I think she could reserve the drama title for her little sis, Alexis Neiers.

The big show shocker is Alexis Neiers being arrested for being one of the members of a celebrity burglar gang. Proclaiming her innocence throughout the show, the s**t finally hit the fan when she had to plead no contest to the charges. Only receiving a six month jail sentence for stealing over $600k in jewelry and other celebrity property, she should consider herself one lucky girl. She should have gotten six years.

Alexis who claimed she was ready to go to trial, decided to take the plea bargain because Orlando Bloom was going to testify against her. She says, “I thought we were going to trial and we had a great shot at this,” she said. “I had been so confident because I had thought up until this point that I didn’t do anything wrong.”

As for what piece of information led to her flip-flop, Neiers isn’t saying, though last week’s word that Bloom planned to face off against her in court wasn’t the best news she’s ever received.

“I think the fact that Orlando Bloom [would testify], and the weight of a celeb testifying against Alexis, made us realize the odds were stacked against us,” her lawyer, Jeffrey Rubenstein, said yesterday. “This was a last-minute decision. We were ready for trial.”

Chances are we will have to suffer through one more season of Pretty Wild, E! will want viewers to have front row seats to all the drama when Alexis has to go to jail on June 24th. Maybe they will change the show name to Pretty Desperate.

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Jacy Nova

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