Ruben Van Assouw, only 9 years old, is called the miracle boy by media. Miraculously, he survived a terrifying plane crash that claimed the lives of his parents and big  brother. The Dutch family, on a African safari vacation, celebrating his parents wedding anniversary was scheduled to return to the Netherlands early this morning. Sadly, they never made it.

The Afriqiyah Airways crashed early Wednesday morning, claiming the lives of 103 people. Except for one courageous little Dutch boy, who defied the odds and survived this horrific accident.

According to Dutch news reports, Ruben’s grandmother says his aunt and uncle are being flown to Libya by the Dutch government to provide love and support for the young boy. Ruben, who suffered several broken bones is expected to make a full recovery.

His family heartbroken over the loss of their family, are thankful that Ruben has survived the crash. Once doctors give approval, Ruben’s aunt and uncle will bring him back to the Netherlands to be with his family.

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Amazing he’s still alive.

Written by

Jacy Nova

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