Erin Andrews, Dancing With the Stars finalist is not too happy with Elisabeth Hasselback. The View host, crying “crocodile tears” over her rude comments about Erin Andrews about her outfits and crazy stalker.

During last week’s “The View,” the conservative co-host gave a teary apology to ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews after criticizing her skimpy wardrobe on “Dancing with the Stars.” Hasselbeck, 32, claimed that she called Andrews Tuesday night to personally apologize after her 5-year-old daughter, Grace, advised her to just pick up the phone.

“Thankfully, I listened to her … and I did,” she did. Only one problem, Andrews said that Hasselback never called her. Liar liar pants on fire. Did Elisabeth REALLY think she could get away with that? So fake.

Erin Andrews, who has made the final four on DWTS, has decided to take the high road and move on. Smart girl, Andrews is WAY too classy for Elisabeth Hasselback. For the View host, she can go back to her tea baggin party.

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Jacy Nova

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