REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Naughty NeNe Leakes Denies Cheating With NFL Player!

Real Housewives of Atlanta has a little cheating scandal on their hands. According to rumors, NeNe Leakes is getting a little something something on the side with NFL player, Charles Grant.  Poor girl, first her son is arrested TWICE, now she’s having marriage drama. What’s a girl to do? DENY DENY DENY.

NeNe says, Greg and I are still together – not separated or divorced,” Leakes said in a statement released to CNN. “I have not left my husband for NFL player Charles Grant, and I don’t know how those rumors started.”

“Charles Grant is no more than a casual acquaintance of mine since hosting one of his charity events in Atlanta about a year ago,” she added. “I really have not had any contact with him since the Super Bowl, where I congratulated him for his big win along with other fans.”

Leakes husband, Greg, has her back and INSISTS she’s never cheated. “I stand behind my wife 100 percent,” he said in a statement. “NeNe and I have been married for 13 years, and she has been a faithful wife to me. We are a normal married couple, going through ups and downs, just like any other couple.”

Greg kept it real and admitted that it wasn’t all sunshine at NeNe Leakes house. He says, “Yes, we’re experiencing a marital storm right now, but I believe with God’s guidance, we’ll get through it,” Greg Leakes said. “Right now, our marriage is not a perfect one, but rumors and innuendos, accusing my wife of infidelity has been damaging to the reputations of NeNe and Mr. Grant. I am not an injured party, and accusations that NeNe has done something to hurt me or jeopardize our family are false and far from the truth.”

Do you believe her? Of course, the typical response is to deny that you have stepped out on your man. Could she be trying to distance herself from Charles Grant after his arrest for involuntary manslaughter? Or is she trying not to upset Bravo Producers? After all, you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you.  Real Housewives of Atlanta should be real juicy this year. Stay tuned!

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