Oprah the queen of daytime talk shows, finally got Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to fess up they were actually a couple. What’s the big secret? I think fans would be happy to see the two together.

Obviously Oprah had to ask something during the taping, of the Twilight cast interview. Oprah agreed beforehand she wouldn’t be too hard on [Rob and Kristen] if they told her what was really going on,” the source said. “Both Rob and Kristen’s people and [film studio] Summit then confirmed ahead of time [Rob and Kristen] are together and are dating. One hundred percent.”

During the taping, sources report that Kristen Stewart appeared awkward, while Pattinson was relaxed and cracking jokes. The couple kept it super professional, no kissing or holding hands, said the source, who spent the entire day with the cast.

Rumors have been flying about the couple from the two getting engaged to Kristen Stewart even being preggers.   In a recent interview, when Robert Pattinson was asked about the issue, he answered jokingly saying it’s him who is pregnant and not Kristen Stewart. He also added that he is hiding the baby in his armpit so that people can’t see it. Maybe R-Patz should try starring in a comedy film, he’s pretty funny.

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