MADONNA’S Filth and Wisdom, Too Much Botox and Plastic Surgery?

They say dreams die hard, in Madonna’s case, she just can’t let go of the 90’s. Granted she does look great for her age but is it really necessary for her always to be half naked in every photo shoot? Still hanging on to yesterday,  trying to look sexy with a crucifix in her mouth. It screams desperate.

The Material Granny, opens up to Interview Magazine and flaunts her taunt body and plastic surgery. She talks about her new film, “Filth and Wisdom.” She says, “I guess it is intimate. I never thought of it like that. It’s kind of a small story. But really, if you break it down, it’s about the struggle of being an artist. I feel like the three main characters in the film are basically me.” Of course it’s about her, who else would it be about.

Madonna a Leo girl, is still working the diva angle. Although she has spread her wings and is now focused on social causes. She recently said that she has put her music career on hold because she doesn’t have the time or energy for it right now. Is Madonna finally ready to hand over her shining star to daughter Lourdes?

Her daughter Lourdes Leon, now a GORGEOUS teen will be attending the performing arts “FAME” high school in NYC. It looks like she just might be following in mama’s footsteps. No worries, Madonna still has her boy toy, Jesus Luz, to keep her busy.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. You are crazy…why is it that woman get attacked for getting older, but men are praised. No one talks about Mick Jagger still hobbling around without his shirt off, and he’s nasty. She is an incredibly hard worker and the exercise and strict dietary regime she is able to stick is more than most 20 year old. You are a ageist and shame on you. Queen Madonna you go girl! You got it, flaunt it! You jealous, you complain about it. Go do something productive or positive~!

  2. Madonna is simply expressing her freedom to be who she wants to be. Why do you have a problem with that? SHe looks HOT and my opinion is tghat people should get off the age wagon. Enough already. Appreciate her for what she is. SHe is fearless and most people can’t grasp that concept.

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