This week, celebrity psychic Barb Powell, reveals the cosmic connection between John Edwards and Rielle Hunter. Are they soulmates, or did Edwards get tangled in Rielle Hunter’s black widow spider web?

Ahhh yes, Rielle Hunter is back in the news to…gasp…try and fix her image!  Umm, didn’t work.  In some ways I feel sorry for this chick and I’ll tell you why.  Because she truly believes that this John Edwards guy, the happy politician, is actually going to end up with her.  Some people believe that Rielle a pushy Aries girl is delusional, not me.

As a professional psychic, whether a person is ruled by their emotions or not, as a rule, you should always listen to your own intuition. Rielle Hunter on the other hand, only listens to what John Edwards tells her. She believes what she wants to believe and Edwards tells her exactly what he thinks she wants to hear, whether it comes from the heart or not.  Always a politician, that’s his job to manipulate and he’s very good at getting people to believe him. Until Rielle Hunter arrived. Cosmic intervention or karma?

She keeps telling her closest friends/family that he isn’t like what they say in the press, that he’s caring and considerate!  Of course he is charming, he’s a bloody politician!!  Although, not all politicians are liars.  However, John Edwards a Gemini, is very good at spinning tales, or at least he was until National Enquirer exposed him. In fact, he’s actually believes some of the lies he has spun. Everyone loves a good story.

Edwards, who has sunk deeper and deeper into the abyss of his own fantasy world, is drowning in a pool of deceit. The only problem is his castle has a few cracks and people are beginning to see him for who he truly is.

Over the next several months, Rielle Hunter and John Edwards will continue to experience media fall out over their relationship. There will be another news story about Edwards to come out which will be initiated by former staff members. It will involve his erratic behavior, constant lying and his incredible mood swings.  I also expect John Edwards to write his own “tell all” book.  Of course, you know you’ll buy it too!

So will he eventually marry Rielle Hunter?  Of course not! There will be excuses he will tell her on WHY he can’t marry her. Such as his image, his children, etc. He will continue to put Rielle off, forever until death do they part. Are you listening Rielle? Rielle will continue to listen to his nonsense for the next couple of years because she wants to believe what John Edwards says. She wants the happily ever after. She doesn’t want to be the mistress with the sex tape; she wants to be a respectable wife.

But eventually, Rielle will realize he’s all talk and no action. She will eventually come to her senses, dump him, and hence another book!  That’s one I’ll buy!!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.