His mother Judy Haim still reeling from the death of her son Corey Haim, can have some comfort knowing her son did not die of a drug overdose. Coroners investigating his death have confirmed the actor died of heart failure and complications from pneumonia.

The specific causes of death listed on the report were,  pneumonia, diffuse avleolar damage, or breathing difficulty, and cardiomypathy with coronary arteiosclerosisa, typically a genetic condition that results in thickening of the lower heart muscle.

According to the medical report, Haim’s mother had to witness her son “shake in all directions,” including his eyes rolling back in his head, before he lost consciousness. She desperately tried to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived but sadly it was too late.

The actor was later laid to rest in March in his hometown in Canada. His mom, Judy Haim who suffers from breast cancer, received a $20,000 donation from a fan memorabilia site to help cover funeral costs. Afterward, the owner of Startifacts, Michale Kronick, stopped payment on the check because he was worried that Judy Haim was going to use the money to cover medical costs related to her cancer. What a douche bag.

Hopefully this new information will help give Corey Haim’s closure in his death. Now he can be remembered as the sweet lovable guy that he was.

Written by

Jacy Nova

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