RIELLE HUNTER, Homewrecker Has No Shame, Tells Oprah She Loves Edwards!!!

Oh Rielle Hunter, you are one hot mess, probably what Oprah must have been thinking when she interviewed John Edward’s mistress. But don’t call her a homewrecker, Rielle Hunter says, the marriage between Elizabeth and John Edwards was over WAY before she arrived on the scene. Of course, that’s why she slept with him the first day she met him. Gold digger!

What Oprah and everyone else wanted to know was how could she hook up with a married man? Especially one who had a wife dying of cancer. Where are her morals and values? When Oprah asked Rielle Hunter if she thought Elizabeth Edwards was hurt by her actions, her reply was she was hurt by the process. What? She makes it sound like she was filing a tax return.

The most puzzling comment she made was that she’s a private person and has boundaries? The woman who cheated with a married man who wanted to be President, has a baby with him and MAKES a sex tape. Next, you pose for GQ in your undies and than go on the Oprah show. Sure she’s about PUBLICITY.

What’s most shocking is she thinks John Edwards and her will be together forever. Yes darling, until he gets tired of you and finds a younger woman. Very rarely do men end up with their mistresses, after his divorce from Elizabeth, he will probably move on to greener pastures.

I wonder if Edwards paid for her plastic surgery and botox?

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