Bret Michaels before collapsing last week of a brain hemorrhage had an excruciating headache.  He told the doctor it felt like he was being hit by a baseball bat repeatedly. This type of head pain, is referred to by doctors as a “thunderclap headache” because of it’s sudden and intense pain.

His Facebook fan page posted an update to fans on Sunday, stating the doctors are still searching for the source of bleeding. Also, Bret was suffering from slurred speech, blurry vision and dizziness.

According to People magazine, “In some patients, doctors never find the source,” says Dr. Keith Siller of New York University’s Comprehensive Stroke Care Center. The bleeding could be very small, or the rupture itself can “cure” the source of the problem, says Dr. Siller.

If no source of an aneurysm or an abnormal vein-artery connection known as an AVM is found, “you basically just wait for the symptoms to go away,” says Dr. Siller. The patient typically remains under close observation, as Michaels is, so doctors can monitor for possible complications.

But if the patient is able to speak, “they’re on the better end of things,” says Dr. Siller, noting that physical therapy and speech therapy are often required to make a full recovery.

The fact that  Bret Michaels can speak is a good sign. Doctors in ICU, are continuing to monitor him 24/7  and he is listed in critical condition. Family members will continue to update fans via Michaels Facebook and Twitter page. Thoughts and prayers go out to Bret and his family.

Written by

Jacy Nova

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