In the latest “tales of the weird,” a North Carolina woman who killed a psychic and her daughter was sentenced to death Friday. Tanya Jaime Nelson was convicted  Feb 16th for killing Ha Smith and her daughter Anita Vo, on April 25, 2005.

Why did Nelson kill the two women? Prosecutors say that Nelson had an affair with her brother-in-law, Loi Nguyen and killed the psychic because she refused to give her a reading about the affair. The two women had known each other for 20 years and Nelson’s romantic obsession pushed her over the edge. Which ultimately she took her frustrations out on Ha Smith who did not want to predict her future.

OCNN reports, Nelson lived in Orange County but moved to North Carolina where she met Phillipe Zamora. After meeting,  she convinced Zamora to join her on a trip to LA in 2005. She lured him on the vacation with the promise of introducing him to gay sex partners, authorities said.

Zamora, who pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder, testified that when they went to Smith’s home, Nelson began stabbing Vo. Zamora said he started stabbing Smith to stop her screaming for help. After they killed the two women, they stole Ha Smith’s credit cards and went on a shopping spree.

After the judgment was heard today, a statement was released by the family.

“No amount of time will ever heal the pain nor erase the memory of the ingrained and horrific images, nor the silence the gut-wrenching testimony that has been exhibited and addressed in this court,” she said. “Justice has been served.”

What a scary strange story.

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Jacy Nova

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