For the first time in seven years, Dennis Rodman was reunited with his mother on Sober House. Dr. Drew, feeling it was important to reestablish that “mother-son” bond for his recovery. Rodman, who had lost touch with his family after he became famous, believed they were using him for his money. His mom denied it and send she only wanted to have a normal relationship with him.

The former NBA star, was reportedly paid a total of $400k to appear on both Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. Did he do it for the money or to get sober? Who knows for sure?

After completing treatment, Rodman has shifted careers and is now going to be a Celebrity DJ. He’s slated to appear at night clubs all over the world starting April 23, 2010 at Ultra 88 Nightclub in the Mohegan Sun.

Rodman actually used to run a popular nightclub in Newport Beach, CA, called Josh Slocum’s. And it was there that the ex-baller honed his DJ skills, spinning for party-goers and working the crowd. For his new gig, Rodman is teaming up with a good buddy of his, DJ Vic Latino.

After the duo jam at the Mohegan Sun, they head to Louisville, during the weekend of the Kentucky Derby. In Louisville, Rodman will spin at a place called Derby Pretty.

It sounds like a fun career move but not really conducive to a sober lifestyle. Hopefully he will stay clean and get his life back on track. If not for himself, at least for his kids.

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Jacy Nova

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