Tim Urban who could be Zac Efron’s long lost brother was booted off American Idol this week. Not only is he bummed out about leaving American Idol, he’s also sad about being chosen as Vote for the Worst‘s No. 1 pick for the last nine weeks.

He says, “I’m not excited that I was on their website,” he told reporters on a Thursday morning conference call. “It’s not anything anybody should be proud of. I didn’t like being on there, and basically, I was working my hardest to get off of it. I was actually kind of sad I was on that website.” The shirtless pictures, which he says he “knew would come out eventually,” however, Tim didn’t mind. “It probably helped more than it hurt, but I don’t know for sure.”

What’s next for Tim Urban? He will hit the road this summer on the American Idol tour and if he’s smart he should get into acting. He would be perfect for an ABC Family show or High School Musical.  A cute Taurus boy, he has a bright future ahead of him. Music, acting, modeling he definitely has a commercial look.

You can catch him on Ellen DeGeneres Show April 23rd, the Late Show with David Letterman April 26th and Wendy Williams Show April 27th.

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Jacy Nova

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