Nathaniel Fons, a 3 year old Florida boy reported missing, was dropped off unharmed in a New York City church. The little boy, who police have been searching for since Monday, was left at the church by a couple who police believe are involved in a counterfeiting operation with the boy’s mom.

Nathaniel was declared missing and an Amber Alert issued after his mother Amber Comeau, 26, was arrested for using a fake $100 bill on Sunday. At the time of her arrest, she said the boy was being cared for by friends,  but when the couple’s car was found abandoned in a hotel parking lot police issued the Amber Alert.

On Tuesday evening, the couple arrived at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and asked the security guard to see a priest.  When the guard went to find the priest, the woman stuffed a note in Nathaniel’s pocked and fled. The little boy handed the guard the note, on it was his name and the number of the Florida detective searching for him.

Police say Nathaniel was traveling with his mom, along with Eleanor Black and William Scott, plus their two little kids. The FBI and Secret Service have been investigating the trio for running a major counterfeiting operation.

Nathaniel Fons grandparents are relieved he has been found. The little boy, who had been living with them the first two and half years of his life, was taken by his mother, when Nathaniel’s father was sent back to prison for violating parole. Nathaniel, the little cutie, will be returned to Florida, where the grandparents are expected to file for temporary guardianship.

Written by

Jacy Nova

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