Kim Kardashian who recently jumped into a new relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, appears to have been secretly married to Damon Thomas for four years.

Star Magazine reports that life for Kardashian was a living nightmare. In court documents obtained by the magazine, Kim claimed her husband of four years, a partner at Underdog Entertainment, who has worked for Pink and Katherine McPhee, was a jealous monster. He threatened her life, demanded she get plastic surgery and even punched her in the face. YIKES!

One terrible incident Kim recalls occurred the day they were supposed to be taking a fun trip skydiving with Justin Timberlake. “Before we left our home, Damon hit me in the face and cut my lip open,” Kim claims. “I fell into the bed frame and banged my knee hard. I was limping when we went skydiving.”

Poor girl, she must have been scared out of her mind, no wonder she wants no one to know about the relationship. Thank goodness she had enough sense to get out of the relationship. Hopefully, Ronaldo will be much sweeter to her. Hang in there Kim.

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Jacy Nova

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