Mystic Monday is back, this weeks celebrity psychic, Barb Powell, opens the window to Jennifer Aniston’s future.  She takes a peek into a looking glass, to see what destiny will drop on our little Aquarian girl’s doorstep.

Anyone who is a fan of Jen’s, wants her to find love and happiness. Will she ever find her Prince Charming, or is she doomed to pick bad boys? Who better to answer those question than Canadian psychic, Barb Powell.

Barb says…

I can honestly say I love Jennifer Aniston’s energy!  It’s very open and warm, a mother hen type of personality.  She’s very empathic as well.  Empathic abilities, allows the person to experience the same feelings or sensations felt by another.  You will find that a person who has this type of intuitive ability, cries easily at movies and personal stories of others. They tend to be rather tired or exhausted most of the time and they wear their hearts on their sleeves.  Jen  needs to be careful about remaining ‘open’ all the time. Her sensitivity, exposes her to other people’s problems and can cause sleep issues and/or physical health problems.

There have been many stories about Jen and her love life, poor Jennifer right?  She’s super successful in business, however, she does not do well in relationships.  Why?  Mainly because she tends to see the potential in men,  instead of their true character.  Instead of seeing the man for who he really is, not what she wishes he could be.  She gives her heart and soul in a relationship. To the point of  losing her identify to a man.

Jen has learned the hard way,  not to lose herself in a romantic relationship. Her focus now,  should be on becoming a stronger and much wiser woman!  Just like the name of her perfume, Lolavie. I believe that she even enjoys her new found freedom, the power she feels over her energy. She has started a path of self discovery to find the key to her happiness, to be her own boss and not be controlled by a man.  She still has the desire to be in love, but she doesn’t need a man anymore to be happy.  Believing that her happiness comes from within, not from a relationship.

What about her romance with Gerald Butler?  I think she’s playing it cool.  She’s dating, that’s good, but it won’t turn into a huge romance.  It’s more friendship, or friends with benefits.  Will Jennifer find her happily ever after?  She won’t find someone for a long time, she tends to attract those who are users or abusers with control issues.  She can become friends with males, yet wonders why it doesn’t turn into a lasting relationship, or why they don’t fall crazy in love.  Her energy is rather needy and clingy, even though she tries not to be.

Jen needs to stop over thinking and over analyzing a situation.  She has to learn to ‘let go’ of certain issues and feelings, she doesn’t have to always know the meaning of something.  If she takes control of her own happiness, surrounds herself with like-minded friends, she will find the support she needs to follow her heart.

Stay tuned next week, when Barb Powell reveals the soulmate connection between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.