TIGER WOODS: ARRESTED, Karma Sends Mistress Jaimee Grubbs to Jail!!!

Karma caught up with one of Tiger Woods mistresses today. Jaimee Grubbs, who was one of his first “girlfriends”  to come forward  and expose his scandalous sex life, was arrested last night. Grubbs, who spent several hours in a West Hollywood jail, was released early this morning after she posted $30,309 bail.

Wednesday night, Grubbs was pulled over in West Hollywood by deputies, who traced the tag on her 2004 Mustang and realized she had three outstanding warrants, all for previous driving-with-a-suspended-license arrests.  What an idiot.

The LA cocktail waitress, became famous after she sold her Tiger Woods story to  Us Weekly, exposing  their 31 month hot love affair. She even had dirty text messages and a voicemail to prove it.

The Tiger Woods drama erupted after his wife Elin found one of Grubbs naughty text messages. This prompted an argument between the couple, which caused a Thanksgiving weekend car crash, where Elin reportedly bashed his window in with a golf club for cheating.

You KNOW California needs money when your bail is set at $30k for driving on a suspended license. Crazy stuff. I bet this story brought a smile to Elin’s face. Nice mugshot Jaimee!

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  1. Tiger Woods is even now a excellent golf player. As a result, it can be good that he participates within the ryder cup. His non-public things have absolutely nothing to do with his divine game of golf. It can be silly to think that Tiger Woods has no weak points. He is only a real human.

  2. Why are the women in this ‘Tiger drama’ being pointed out as the wrong-doers? Were they married? Did they take vows of fidelity? We do not live in a country where women are held responsible for men’s sexual behavior as Burka-wearing women are. Tiger is the one who took vows. Tiger is the one who promised fidelity in front of God and witness. I don’t believe these women did that. I don’t believe it was their job to protect Tiger’s wife. There is no silent female code that dictates we not sleep with someone else’s husband. I’m tired of these women being looked at someone whom did something wrong. IT IS NOT A SINGLE WOMEN’S JOB TO HONOR SOMEONE ELSE’S VOWS. If Tiger asked me out, you bet your ass I’d go… Tiger’s marriage is Tiger’s problem. And if his wife has a problem with Tiger or the marriage she should leave and try to find a faithful man. Good luck with that Mrs Tiger.

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