Karma caught up with one of Tiger Woods mistresses today. Jaimee Grubbs, who was one of his first “girlfriends”  to come forward  and expose his scandalous sex life, was arrested last night. Grubbs, who spent several hours in a West Hollywood jail, was released early this morning after she posted $30,309 bail.

Wednesday night, Grubbs was pulled over in West Hollywood by deputies, who traced the tag on her 2004 Mustang and realized she had three outstanding warrants, all for previous driving-with-a-suspended-license arrests.  What an idiot.

The LA cocktail waitress, became famous after she sold her Tiger Woods story to  Us Weekly, exposing  their 31 month hot love affair. She even had dirty text messages and a voicemail to prove it.

The Tiger Woods drama erupted after his wife Elin found one of Grubbs naughty text messages. This prompted an argument between the couple, which caused a Thanksgiving weekend car crash, where Elin reportedly bashed his window in with a golf club for cheating.

You KNOW California needs money when your bail is set at $30k for driving on a suspended license. Crazy stuff. I bet this story brought a smile to Elin’s face. Nice mugshot Jaimee!

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Jacy Nova

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