The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky,  is just a few weeks away from choosing her Prince Charming. Will she have a happily ever after?  She took her would be suitors, to the beautiful country of Iceland. They arrived just in time for the March Mustache Madness. During March, the men in Iceland (maybe a few women) grow mustaches to raise cancer awareness.

In celebration of the Bachelorette’s arrival, Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokul volcano actually erupted after being dormant for two centuries. Not only is that pretty sexy, rather symbolic. Is Ali full of passion for her harem of men? Will see.

They left Iceland on April 4th and headed to Portugal. In this new photo,  Ali is “jumping for joy.” It looks like our Facebook girl is dreaming of diamonds and a million dollar televised wedding on TV. Dancing with the Stars gig, etc.

The photo was taken by Pedro Moura Pinheiro, who happen to stumble upon the show being filmed in Lisbon. On April 12, he said on Twitter:

They were filming in Camões (biggish crew, around 2/3 cams, multiple assistants), and she jumped a few times, I caught the second jump.

If you decide to hop on a plane, the cast is  staying at the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa. Among the romantic sites toured: São Jorge Castle, the route of tram 28 and Sintra.

All this crazy info, compliments of Fans of Reality TV. Bachelorette sleuths are out in full force. If predictions are correct, it appears that Ty and Kirk will make it to the final four.

I’m glad they changed it up this season, not crazy about Ali being the Bachelorette. I would have preferred Tenley and I think alot of other fans would agree. Who knows, Ali loves the drama, and can be rather demanding. Of course,  a few guys will have girlfriends, work issues, erectile dysfunction  and will be ceremoniously kicked to the curb. The new season premieres on May 24th. Can’t Wait!!!

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Jacy Nova

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