LARRY GREENE, Monster Dad, Beats Baby To Death For Being a Mama’s Boy!!!

Larry Greene, in a fit of rage, beat his 7 month old son to death, for being a “Mama’s Boy.” Jealous that his son “preferred his mother,” a Queens dad murdered his child,  officials said Wednesday.

“Toughen up!” Larry Greene yelled at the crying child before punching him in the chest, prosecutors charged. Xiah stopped breathing moments later, and died Tuesday night at Queens Hospital Center, the fourth child in the borough to die at the hands of a guardian in five weeks.

“We’re grieving right now,” Pierre Nady, the babies grandfather, said Wednesday. “Xiah was only 7 months old – he was a cute, little boy [and] he was loved.”

The child’s mother, Cassandra Nady, asked Greene, 20, who lives nearby, to watch Xiah at her St. Albans home. “He said the baby fell when he was feeding him but it wasn’t even close to the truth,” said Nady. Xiah had a bruise on his scalp, two bruises on the neck and five bruises on the chest that showed imprints of an adult’s knuckles, officials said.

This is incredibly sick, twisted and sad. Violence against children must stop. What’s even worse, the district attorney is only charging him with second degree manslaughter. This should be first degree murder hands down. I think Larry Greene should get the death penalty.

So sad. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the little boy.

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  1. OMG! Why are some people like this?!?!? He should get life in prison!I’m sure it won’t matter, cuz the inmates are gonna rape his a$$ and kill him before he’s out. They hate baby killers.

  2. Larry Greene is a straight bitch for that shit. Now you go and tell your inmates to toughen up you pussy ass coward.They gon beat that ass when they find out why you in prison.

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