District Attorney General Chuck Crawford has requested the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department, as well as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, to look into the matter of the Torry Hansen’s adoption case and abandonment of the Russian boy, Artem Saveliev.

Police said, “Law enforcement in this jurisdiction considers this an extremely serious matter and is proceeding with the investigation accordingly,” according to the statement.

Although Torry Hansen’s family claim that Artem had severe emotional problems, Russian authorities say they have not observed any, since he arrived in Moscow. What’s more shocking, doctors have observed scars and bruises on Artem that look to be only a two to three months old. They have become concerned, that the boy may have been abused while in the care of the Hansen family.

According to ABC news,  Torry Hansen had contacted a second adoption agency to bring home a child from the Soviet Republic of Georgia, a source with the sheriff’s department disclosed. Hansen reportedly switched adoption agencies after the agency that arranged the original adoption of  Artem, World Association for Children and Parents, urged her to wait before adopting again.. The agency advised Hansen it would be best to settle in with the boy before adding to her family.

Torry Hansen and her mother, Nancy, claim the child was violent and threatened to burn down the house. These claims were never substantiated by a medical expert,  nor did the family seek a therapists advice. Also, it appears that Artem was never enrolled in school or received post counseling after the adoption.

Torry Hansen and her family continue to refuse  to speak to authorities. The sheriff’s office said they are going to interview the Russian boy via telephone, to investigate child abuse allegations. Also, they are interviewing the first and second adoption agency to gather facts around the Torry Hansen case.

Sources close to the case, say charges against Torry Hansen and her mother could possibly come as early as next week. If any charges are going to be filed at all. For Artem, it looks like his life will have a happy ending. Three families have come forward in Russia to adopt the boy. According to news sources, he will be placed with a diplomat family who have raised two other orphans before.

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