In the world of video games, reality television and girls gone wild, have our youth become desensitized to others feelings? Have we become a society of soulless zombies, who get their rocks off by hurting others. It may be the case for nine teens arrested in South Hadley that bullied Phoebe Prince to death.

A fellow student said, “In the hallways, people would give little smart remarks, just look at her funny like she had three eyes,” He added students called her a “slut” and an “Irish whore,” but Prince never discussed her woes with him. After 3 months of relentless torment, she decided to end it all by hanging herself.

Her reign of terror continued even after she died. School officials have scrambled to lay blame on the victim and not take responsibility for allowing it to happen. According to Superintendent Gus A. Sayer,  the school officials first learned of the bullying, a week before she died, when a student walked into a classroom and called Prince a “slut” in front of a teacher. The student, he said, was punished. “She bore a lot of this stuff herself,” Sayer said of Phoebe. According to Sayer I guess, “she was asking for it.”

When a school is led by a person like Superintendent Gus Sayer, who blames the victim for other students nasty behavior, is not only clueless but obviously lacks the sensitivity to hold such an important position and should be fired. Teachers should lead by example,  by not punishing the teens who bullied Phoebe Prince, they gave their silent approval by looking the other way.

Even after Prince’s death, the bullying has continued. One girl wrote “accomplished” on her Facebook page, as if pushing poor Phoebe over the edge was something to brag about. When another student rebuked her, one of the bully’s friend warned her to “watch her back.”

Now, the “South Hadley Nine”  will face a jury of their peers. Forced to be held accountable for their actions,  not only in the court system but in the prison system as well.  Now who has to watch their back? Post that on your Facebook page.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.