TIGER WOODS, Daddy’s Little Girl, His Dirty Texts to 22 Year Old Neighbor Raychel Coudriet!!!

Tiger Woods, feeling the love from golf fans this weekend, has yet to escape the wrath of his scorned mistresses. Another one of his conquests was his neighbors 22 year old daughter, Raychel Coudriet.

The young college student, slept with the superstar golfer when she was only 21, according to the National Enquirer.  It’s reported that she recently confronted Woods “because she was furious that she was just another conquest.”

The Enquirer article is said to report that Woods and his young neighbor had sex in Tiger’s office near Orlando. The pair also allegedly had a hot make out session, while Tiger’s wife Elin was home next door. Classy!

According to the New York Post, Coudriet told Woods she felt “extremely violated by what you did to me.” Before the alleged relationship deteriorated, Tiger reportedly sent her dirty texts, including, “Are you touching yourself? I want to f— you.”

It’s amazing how all these women thought they were the only one? How can they be so delusional? Also, where is the responsibility for their actions? They were hooking up with a married man? Coudriet may feel violated but she was Tiger’s partner in crime, the only person violated was his wife Elin and their beautiful children.

For Tiger, women may hate him, but at least he can be comforted by the fact dudes like Jim Carrey still have his back. For the love of golf…

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  1. these mistresses or watever u call them, they know very well that Tiger is married, and yet, they thnk they caught a big fish? it takes two to tango, takes 2 hands to clap..

    is not that Tiger raped them, they are willing.. so where is the crime? only crime is with Elin n his family

    i really dont know wat all these mistresses are up to..they are proud of themselves to be home wreckers?

  2. Thank you for your insightful article in calling out these dumb women for what they are. They knew Tiger was married… period. They are just as guilty as he is.

  3. The Republican politicians didn’t get the Tiger Woods treatment from the media. John McCain anyone? Not to mention those sick “Catholic Priest”. I guess it was the DEVIL in them that made them do it.hahahaha!!!lol f@gg@t @$$ priest should have been getting pu$$y with Tiger like normal people do. If you would’ve chased those “Catholic Priest” out of the country like you did Michael Jackson you might be able to send your boys to church without a chasady belt!!!! “Son is that Holy Water on your shirt”. Not exactly Dad!!!!!!hahahalol

    TIGER IS A BETTER ROLE MODEL THAN Roethlisberger (or the Rooney’s for keeping him “THE POPE” OR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. ONE PRIEST MOLESTED 200 BOYS!!!!!! GOD DAMN!!!!!

    It’s called media racism. Have you noticed you never ever ever hear anything bad about hockey players even though they beat the hell out of each other on the ice. They all go home and just eat cookies and drink milk according to the media.

    He’s a golfer for Christ sakes. Why do we expect our athletes to show such high values – but they aren’t required by our politicians or religious leaders.

  4. He poked a 21 y/o neighbor’s girl, someone he knew since she was 14–when she probably first came over for milk and cookies. Doesn’t that say it all? Whenever I look at his sponsors I get sick. Among them is Proctor and Gamble, makers of Tide. Can anyone really associate Tide or P&G with the word clean?

  5. Why does anyone care about this?! The only people who think anyone was “trashed” are those who believe that some silly rule (not even a real rule) was broken because a male human being did what came naturally: he had sex with as many females as he could. This is normal and to be expected. Any abnormal expectations placed on people to only have one partner, especially if they are exceptional, will only lead to disappointment and drama. Get over it.

  6. I definitely think Tiger is responsible first and foremost. I also believe that these “groupies” pursue Jesse James, Tiki Barber, Tiger Woods, etc. as if it’s a sport. They don’t care about anyone but themselves, a quick way to fame and fortune. I don’t feel sorry for the mistresses and I find it laughable that they consider themselves the victim.

  7. I wonder why people are jumping all over the skanks, the women Tiger pursued and had sex with. Of course they are women without morals, but he is the one who trashed his wife, the mother of his two young children. She didn’t know about what he was doing, contrary to what know-it-all Jim Carrey proclaims.

    I don’t know how Elin can stand to be near him. He had sex with an army of prostitutes and porn stars without using a condom. He should be in prison for putting Elin’s health and life at risk for AIDS, hepatitis, and other very nasty diseases!!

  8. Andrea, Elin wasn’t trashed by any girl or woman. She was trashed by her own husband, the sacred Eldrick himself. It all starts with him. At least he had the sense not to make pookie-pookie with her when she was underage.

  9. What an enlightening article and so true. All of these “women” who have come forward do not deserve an ounce of sympathy. This girl knew Tiger was married and she is the one complaining about being violated – if she has lived next to Elin and Tiger since she was 14 she was well aware of the fact and knew full well what she was doing was wrong. Her parents must be so proud of her for coming forth with her story. Elin is the one who has been “violated” by this trashy young woman and she deserves all she reaps from this. I am glad there are beginning to see articles about the women who have come forward and that society wants nothing to do with them – they dug their hole and now they can live in it. Thanks for speaking out.

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