Phil Mickelson celebrates his third masters win tonight and troubled Tiger Woods placed a respectable fourth. Mickelson’s victory was that much more sweet, by having his wife Amy of 13 years, cheering him on at the 18th green Sunday. She had not seen one of her husband’s golf tournaments since she was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 months ago. Right next to her was his mom, who was also diagnosed with the disease in July as well.

Determined to win one for his family, Mickelson made two remarkable par saves from the trees, then made a gutsy play off the pine straw and over Rae’s Creek on the par-5 13th hole.

He says…

“To win this tournament, it’s the most amazing feeling,” Mickelson said from Butler Cabin. “This has been a special day. I’ll look back on this day as very memorable, something I’ll always cherish.”

According to estimates by Fortune Magazine, Mickelson’s income for 2009 was over $50 million with the majority of it coming from endorsements. With the latest Masters win under his belt, he will add a few more dollars to the family household income.

What some golf fans may not be aware of, is Mickelson’s random acts of kindness. When told of a former NFL players struggle to pay for his paralyzed wife’s rehabilitation and his daughter Holli’s college education, the pro golfer decided to lend a helping hand. He reached out to the family via his lawyer Glenn Cohen, and offered to pay her college tuition. When asked why he did it, his reply “because I can.”

Tiger Woods on the other hand, could learn a thing or two from Mickelson. His career still overshadowed by mistress allegations and stories of his sexual escapades, his wife Elin WAS not next to him to cheer him on. The future of his marriage uncertain, he seems distracted by his ego and sexual desires. Moving forward, hopefully Woods will spend more time practicing his golf swing and less on being a “player.”

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