Courtney Love, is working on a planned biopic of her late husband, Kurt Cobain and thinks Robert Pattinson would be perfect for the lead role. Could Rob pull off playing the troubled rockstar?

During the last year of Cobain’s life,  the singer struggled with heroin addiction and depression. Overwhelmed by the pressure of fame, as well as his troubled relationship with his wife,  he took his own life with one shotgun blast on April 8, 1994.

The circumstances of his death has  been a topic of fascination, fueled by various conspiracy theories that his wife Courtney actually wanted him dead.  In 1990, Love met Cobain, at Portland’s Satyricon nightclub, where the star crossed lovers both led underground rock bands. Love developed a crush on Cobain and pursued him relentlessly. In the beginning,  Cobain broke off dates and ignored Love’s advances because he wasn’t sure he wanted a relationship. In the end, Love wore him down and the two fell into a crazy passionate relationship. In 1992, Love became pregnant with Frances Bean and the couple tied the knot. Tragically, the love of his wife and daughter wasn’t enough to keep him from taking his own life.

Whoever plays Kurt Cobain, needs to have a tremendous amount of emotional depth to play the role. Rob, who has captured that essence playing Edward in Twilight, definitely has the sensitivity and the musical ability to play the legendary rockstar.

Who does Courtney think should play her in the film? Scarlett Johansson. Come on Courtney, you’re not that hot.

Written by

Jacy Nova

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