Tori Spelling is denying rumors that she’s headed for divorce number two. In the leaked footage of the fifth season of “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,” it shows the couple nasty fights and and Dean’s constant unhappiness with his wife.

“We’re not headed for divorce,” Spelling said Monday on NBC’s “Today” show. “We’re committed to each other, we’re committed to this family. But you know, we work on things just like everyone else.”

In one clip she says,  “It’s like you got more and more unhappy and angry,” Spelling, 36, tells her husband of nearly four years in a preview clip. “I just want the old Dean back. I really do. I miss you so much.” Sounds like a midlife crisis to me, maybe he’s just tired of doing stupid reality shows and wants to act in a real movie. Of course, you gotta pay the bills.

Tori may be experiencing some type of karma for stealing Dean away from his ex wife, Mary Jo Eustace.  When Tori and Dean met, they were both very married and Dean had just adopted a newborn daughter. He dumped his wife for Tori, she dumped her husband for Dean, and the rest is love celebrity style.

Sounds like this couple is doomed and the marriage is on its last leg.  Is every dude in Hollywood bored with his wife? What a week.

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Jacy Nova

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