This weekend Jesse James bolted from the a rehab center in Tucson, Arizona where he was seeking treatment. Sources say, the biker mogul left in a fit of anger after his wife Sandra Bullock refused to speak to him and he was told she was moving forward with divorce proceedings.

After spending a day visiting friends, Radar Online has reported that Jesse James has returned to Sierra Tucson to complete treatment. Did Sandra convince him to return, his kids or is he completing the program for himself?

According to sources,  Sandra was smart enough to get an iron-clad prenuptial agreement that specifies Jesse gets no money if he cheats during their marriage. Not that Jesse James needs her money. He owns the beach pad that he shared with Sandra Bullock in Sunset Beach. Also, he has very successful custom bike shop, production company and reality TV show.

In the end, he’s lost much more than money can buy. The love and respect of his wife Sandra Bullock. Sandra on the other hand, will be forced to pick up the pieces and move on.

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Jacy Nova

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