Kristin Stewart, on April 9th, will officially leave her teens behind and turn 20. Now that the Aries girl has split from Michael Angarano, will she be sharing a birthday kiss with Robert Pattinson? According to recent news reports, they definitely are an item.

Robert Pattinson recently revealed there’s only one thing he really hates about dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. All the public and media attention! Rob says it’s hard to have a normal relationship when you can’t go out in public together.

“Everyone always tells you, ‘Just accept having people taking photos and stuff is part of your life. Don’t let it rule your life’”, he told OK. “But I always just thought it’s not life if people are photographing you all the time, unless you want that.”

In other Twilight news, Kristen Stewart was voted the best and the worst dressed in Glamour UK mag. She was #20 on the Best Dressed list but #9 on the Worst Dressed list. Who was the best dressed? Robert Pattinson of course.

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