Jesse James reportedly left rehab this weekend after Sandra Bullock refused to take his phone calls. According to sources, she’s unimpressed by his efforts and feels like he only entered treatment because he got caught cheating.

The media feeding frenzy gets worse. According to new reports,  Jesse James has a sex tape with Sandra Bullock and it’s VERY graphic. So graphic and shocking, it must be a hoax. I can’t imagine Sandra allowing herself being filmed, or at least knowingly in such a weird and compromising position. If she did do the tape, our Oscar girl has more than her marriage to worry about, she needs to think about her career.

Jesse’s reportedly staying with a friend in Arizona while he figures out his next move. Friends and family think he will return to rehab to complete treatment. Sources say his problems go beyond sex addiction. Jesse, who’s been a sober soldier for nine years may have fallen off the wagon. Sandra’s camp has beefed up security because they don’t want Jesse showing up at Sandra’s house unannounced.

Friends have rallied around the actress to protect her not only from her hubby but from the paparazzi as well. It’s expected she may be filing for divorce as early as this week. This news arrives after Sandra moved her remaining personal items out of the Sunset Beach house they once shared this weekend.

Jesse James, his friends say is a broken man, still hanging on to a thread of hope that Sandra will take him back. At this point, he should start shopping for a divorce attorney himself.

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Jacy Nova

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