Is Jillian’s biological clock ticking? Bachelorette couple Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski, are lovin life and continue to play house in Chicago. Now that Jason and Molly have tied the knot, when are Jillian and Ed going to walk down the aisle? Or will they pull a Bethenny Frankel and get pregnant before getting married?

In an April Fool’s Twitter, Jillian tweeted: “Eddie and I are expecting a little one, and we’ve set a date! Wow!” Going along with the prank, Swiderski added on his own account: “I’m the happiest man in the world! Edward R Swiderski IV!!! And we finally set a wedding date. 9/35/2010.”

Their tweets were acknowledged by fellow Bachelor stars including current Dancing With The Stars cast member Jake Pavelka, who wrote: “Wait, wait wait! I’m calling BULL to Jillian and Ed’s baby announcement! It’s April Fools’ Day!”

Bachelor contestant Tenley Molzahn said: “Oh dear me… I got all excited, then I remembered today!” Molzahn also played a joke herself, retweeting an announcement that she is engaged to Andy Baldwin. Actually, Tenley might be doing some wishful thinking on Andy Baldwin, who definitely is a hottie.

So when will Jillian and Ed finally do the deed?  Jillian says, “The wedding is pretty much planned. We have everything written down and picked out and, let me tell you this, it is going to be incredible. We have the coolest ideas on how we are going to decorate it, what music we are going to have, and what dress I am going to wear. It is going to be wicked. But there are two things we haven’t figured out yet: When it is going to be, and whether or not we are going to televise it. Those are the two things we have to decide.”

If they’re pocketbooks make the decision, I would imagine it would be televised. Word on the street is they would get $500k to have a reality wedding. Such a cute couple.

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Jacy Nova

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