Fans of the Bachelorette franchise, are out in full force sleuthing on the web to find out who Ali’s final guy might be. Ali, the new Bachelorette, is originally from Williamstown, Massachusetts. In 2006, she moved to San Francisco to take a job at Facebook. After some friendly encouragement, she auditioned for the Bachelor. Some say to find love, some believe it was for fame and fortune.

Although she left Jake to return to her job, Mike Fleiss made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.  Now the cranky blond gets to have 25 hot guys competing for her attention.

Ali says she wants a guy who is reliable, funny and humble guy who will challenge her. No mention of hotness, but I’m pretty sure that will be a prerequisite.  She’s an outdoorsy chick as well, she likes to wake board, play soccer, so no couch potatoes please.

In the next few weeks, Ali, will pick her Prince Charming. Who will be the lucky dude? One web detective thinks a guy by the name of Kasey may be one of her final four. He has a striking resemblance to Jake, could pass for his much taller and better looking brother.

Last week, she was spotted filming in New York with her hot hunks. Excited fans reported that she and her hopeful husbands-to-be were filmed on a group date at the American Museum of Natural History on Monday. She was also spotted in Central Park and at the Lion King on Broadway.

Next stop is Iceland, where she is scheduled to fall in love, somewhere between molten lava of a volcano and a hot bubbling geyser. Will Ali and her new man be the next Trista and Ryan? Although Mike Fleiss calls her America’s Sweetheart, based on fan comments I think Tenley had that title. Ali just seems way too bossy to be sweet. She’s reportedly a Virgo?

Word is all the guys are incredibly good looking, so at least we know the next Bachelor will be quite a catch.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.