Wendy Williams, a foxy Cancer girl, is giving Sandra Bullock some BFF advice about her man Jesse James. She says, “It’s not the first time for him, it won’t be the last,” Wendy advises Sandra. “I’ve been cheated on, many of you have been cheated on, it’s just what do you do afterward?”

Wendy doesn’t stop there, she goes on to say, “In Sandra’s case, this is so sloppy, it’s disgusting,” continues Wendy. “There’s only one thing she can do and that is leave his kids alone because you’re not their mother, stop tugging with the heartstrings and get your divorce as soon as possible … I would give him a million dollars more than he asked for just to get to steppin’ and then I would tell that story … ‘I wanted him out of my life so badly, I paid his legal fees and I gave him extra money.'”

Wendy no stranger to controversy, had her own man problems. On March 25, 2008, the New York Post  reported that Nicole Spence, talent booker for the Williams experience, filed papers with the EEOC,  suing Williams. Spence, 27, claims that Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, demanded sex from her on many occasions and created a hostile work environment by threatening and assaulting his wife on company premises. “Mr. Hunter repeatedly sexually propositioned me at work in the most crude and vulgar ways,” Spence states. Spence also says that Williams did nothing to stop the alleged abuse, and in fact “offered to take me shopping so I could dress ‘like a sexy little bitch,’ as Mr. Hunter demanded.” Both Williams and Hunter deny the charges.

I don’t know but it sounds like Wendy and Sandra’s hubby’s come from the same school of thought, player mentality. Yes, Wendy is STILL married to her cheating husband and he even has a sex tape. It’s even rumored they are swingers and love to get their freak on. Sandra is pretty vanilla where it seems Wendy is more hot chocolate. Just sayin…

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Jacy Nova

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