REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK, How Much Money Did Countess Luann Receive in Her Divorce Settlement???

luann de lessepsNow that the dust has settled on Real Housewives, Countess Luann’s divorce, how much did she receive from her ex hubby? Breaking up in the public eye is never easy to do, especially if your husband has been cheating on you and breaks up with you via email. He may be a Count but he definitely isn’t a classy one.

Fortunately, our girl Luann cashed out nicely. In addition to an undisclosed “but very generous” alimony and child support, she’ll get the $7.5 million Hampton beach house, the kids, the jewelry, and she’ll keep the title of the COUNTESS.

In her new column for OK magazine, “What Would the Countess Do”? She was asked about Sandra Bullock’s decision to pull out of a movie premiere after being “blind sided” by her husband, Jesse James infidelity. The question, “How does someone that is the center of attention deal with a private, personal situation like cheating”?

Countess Luann replied…

I respect Sandra’s decision to pull out of the The Blind Side opening to deal with her family issues in private but I wonder how her cancellation has affected her colleagues and her fans. Having gone through a public break-up, I found that hiding at home didn’t work for me. I had to get back out there and live my life for my children and for myself. Hopefully, Sandra and Jesse will be able to work out their differences and remain a family. The early days of dealing with betrayal are the hardest. I wish her the best. I’m one of her biggest fans.

Sandra will definitely come out of hiding soon. Our Leo girl is proud and I’m sure her first public stop will be the divorce lawyers office. That’s what an Oscar winning actress would do. Team Sandra.

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