Jennnifer Hudson is looking smokin hot these days. In August 2009, Hudson gave birth to her first child; a boy named David Daniel Otunga Jr, with her man Punk,  from the reality show I Love New York.

Our Virgo Girl thanks her weight loss to her new baby and Weight Watchers. She’s been doing the media rounds showing off her new bod. Hudson on Good Morning America said her decision to lose weight (she’s not saying how much) was prompted by the birth of her now 7-month-old son, David Otunga Jr.

After she lost the baby weight and then some, she said, the people in her life barely recognize her. “After I had the baby, I made up my mind that I wanted to go in a different direction and find a better lifestyle and a better way, and so I set my mind to this challenge and I went after it,” she told “GMA’s” Robin Roberts, adding that she hoped her healthier lifestyle would serve as a good example for her son. “I feel like I’ve conquered the world,” she said.

Hudson discussed her upcoming wedding with the Chicago Tribune, telling the paper that her fiance, pro wrestler David Otunga, was chill about the planning process, which is leaving her a little stressed out: “The bride is always the go-to person. It’s like, ‘If you ask me another thing to figure out for the wedding, I’m going to go crazy,'” she said. She also told the Chicago Sun-Times that between planning the wedding, taking care of David Jr., working out and getting ready to go to South Africa to film “Winnie,” a movie about Winnie Mandela, she’d been too busy to watch “Idol” this season.

Wow, she definitely captured the world’s attention. She looks stunning. Her mama would be so proud.

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Jacy Nova

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