Tonight’s episode of Sober House was painful. Mike Starr, the former bassist for Alice in Chains,  is obviously very dopesick and Tom Sizemore has a manic narcissistic meltdown.  Heidi Fleiss I think has Tom Sizemore pegged, he is one angry, scary dude.

As the cameras role, the rest of the house just sits back while Tom verbally abuses Mike Starr who obviously idolizes him. Tom doesn’t think Mike Starr is dopesick and tries to explain to Mike how his life sucks more. How Tom lost more than Mike, he had more money and fame, blah, blah. Really? Yes, Mike can be a douche when he’s sick but when he’s feeling well he’s a pretty sweet guy. On the other hand, Tom Sizemore beats women and is absolutely nuts. Yes, an amazing actor but what’s up with the petty pissing match? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Now, Mike’s bio is mysteriously missing from the official VH1 page.

One fan wrote on the message board:

In the latest episode Tom threatens Mike Starr with violence and staff sits there, does nothing and then lights Tom’s cigarette for him. What ?? Tom should have been down the road. And maybe the big guy staff member too.

I totally agree with the fans sentiment. Tom is a talented guy, he also has a sense of entitlement. He wants to be center stage and loves to dish out the verbal vomit but definitely can’t take it. Heidi knows how to push his buttons. My question is why wasn’t Jennifer or the house manager say something  when everyone jumped on the crazy express? I guess it makes good television.

In a sneak peak of next weeks petty episode, we get to see “kind and patient” Jennifer in action telling Seth  to f**k off and Mike annoys her AGAIN for smoking in the house. I guess it’s that time for Jennifer to kick someone to the curb.

One fan wrote about Jen…

She is very unprofessional and it is clear she lacks compassion. She is obviously not trained in the proper way to talk to the patients. She should be firm, yet understanding. It’s a fine line that only a skilled professional could handle and she is clearly not it.

This show is one hot mess, a complete train wreck that’s so disturbing you want to look away but you just can’t. Some members of the house: Seth, Jenny, Kendra and Dennis seem pretty normal compared to the rest. My hope is after the show, that they find sobriety and a little serenity. God knows they need it.

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Jacy Nova

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