Jesse James has entered a rehab in Arizona for the next 45 days. Sources say it’s a last ditch effort to save his crumbling marriage to Sandra Bullock. Was Sandra that blinded by love or does Jesse James deserve an Oscar for his performance?  Either Sandra is in serious denial or Jesse has a split personality. It’s possible because they were polar opposites, with Sandra always on location, it gave Jesse plenty of time to get in trouble.

New shocking photos have surfaced of Jesse James wearing a Hitler hat posing with a Nazi salute. It gets worse. Now a couple has come forward to say they had a foursome with Jesse James, Michelle McGee and themselves. There was no boy on boy action, just a whole lot of lovin between Jesse and the two girls. When did this guy have time to work?

Life & Style magazine quotes Skittles Valentine, along with her inked-up tattoo artist boyfriend Eric McDougall, saying the alleged encounter took place after they met last June (while Bullock was promoting The Proposal) at the Ink-n-Iron tattoo festival after McDougall filled in, of all things, an octopus tattoo for Jesse free of charge.

Jesse James must be relieved to be in rehab and avoiding all this crazy negative publicity. Sandra who has gone into hiding, must be shocked on how well she DIDN’T know her husband. What’s next farm animals?

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Jacy Nova

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